Professional Use Masks – Reusable 25 Washes

Professional use masks – Reusable 25 washes
4 Layers
98% Filtration
High Breathability
50% Polypropylene – 50% Cotton OekoTex Class I

Particle retention *(higher than or equal to 3 μm) 


Bmask protective masks are designed to protect the user from inhalation of particles and contaminants.
With a filtering capacity of 98%, reusable Bmask masks are approved by Citeve for use by professionals who are not health professionals and are exposed to contact with a large number of individuals.

100% Polypropylene + 100% Cotton Oekotex Class 1

This mask should be used in addition to the recommended protection and hygiene measures and the rules of social distance, which are fundamental for the control of Covid-19.

Available in several colors!

Check out catalog for color availability.

Certified for 25 washes

Minimum order 100 units.

Shipments all over the country, in packs of 10, 50 or 100 units

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