COVID-19 Level 2 – Professional use masks – Single use

4 Protective layers / 100% Polypropylene
CITEVE 5070/2020 approval
INFARMED DPS/DM/500.10.447/2020/0082 aproval
In accordance with EN14683:2019 (Tipo I)

Particle retention *(higher then to equal to 3 μm) 
Average air flow – Minimum value 8 L/min and reached value of 10,3 L/min


Bmask protective masks are designed to protect the user from inhalation of particles and contaminants. With a filtering capacity of 98%, Bmask masks are the ones with the highest filtration values ​​on the market, being the ones that best adapt to the different needs of users.

It is considered that COVID-19 can be transmitted:

  • By respiratory droplets (particles larger than 5 microns);
  • By direct contact with infectious secretions;
  • By aerosols in therapeutic procedures that produce them (less than 1 micron).


The tests carried out show that for a minimum acceptable value of 8L / min, the Bmask masks reached the values ​​of 10.3L / min, which gives them + 28% more breathability than the masks common in the market, making the users experience throughout the most enjoyable day.

Minimum order 500 units.

Shipments all over the country, in packs of 10, 50 or 100 units

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